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Restoring Your Immune Systems in 15 Seconds: A Famous Russian Doctor has Just Done it!

It does sound incredible, but not to Moscow doctor Sergey Bubnovskiy. He worked for quite a while to get hold on a good technique that can strengthen people’s immune systems, but his experiment went beyond his craziest expectations!

Explained Briefly

This medicine professor believes that soaking your feet in ice-cold water for only 15 seconds will restore the well being of your immune system, and points himself as an example.

He recommended everyone to do this after a long a stressful day, so that the body will be protected from flu, cold, and all sorts of viruses.

A similar study performed in England concluded that ice-cold showers help defeat a number of white blood cells related diseases, and that they are thereof better than the standard hot baths.

The British Thrombosis Research Institute considered these claims, and went further explaining how the body restores warmth automatically after being exposed to a cold shower, and that’s how the metabolic rates are improved to produce more white blood cells, and to keep the immune system strong and active.

Many amateur practices around the world support this position: take Germany as an example, where people deliberately swim in icy water during winter, so that oxidative stress will reach minimal levels, and the organism will combat all negative influences coming from the outside. Ask your doctor, and he will very probably tell you the same.

What Should You do?

Fill the basin or the bathtub with cold water, and pour as much ice as possible. Before the ice has melted, soak your feet or entire legs in it, and keep them there for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process every night, right before you head to bed, and you will feel the beneficial effects after only a week. If you’re generally experiencing weak immune system issues, you can repeat the process more often, for example after each for hours.

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