Innovation at the Personal Dentist Level

Innovation at a personal level – 10 Ideas ready for Execution

Innovation is the lifeblood for progress, and as a society as well as individual businesses we can differentiate ourselves and move ahead of the competition by having a constant mindset of innovation. Innovation needs change and change needs motivation.

Below is a list of 10 ideas that will help you to get into the mindset of constant innovation.

10 Innovation Ideas

1. Reflect Even When You are Not Reflecting

Use downtime during exercise, cooking, walking to reflect and ask yourself questions that stimulate curiosity and creativity.

2. Listen to Relaxing / Classical Music

Recent studies suggest a basis for the Mozart effect. Mozart music can relieve stress, improve communication and increase efficiency. Creativity scores soar when listening to Mozart music.

3. Read Literature You Would Not Typically Read

If you are interested in dentistry, read a business magazine or choose books outside your typical genre to generate diverse thinking – a highly critical component in the creative process.

4. Attend a Trade Show / Conference Outside Your Field

This helps connect to other areas in your profession. Being away from your daily routine is a sure way to stimulate thinking for creative solutions to your existing environment.

5. Mingle with Creative Thought Leaders

Many organizations do not hire creative people, instead hire for skill and fit for a specific task. Look outside your area and normal routine to find people who love draw or who are exceptional storytellers.

6. Immerse Yourself in a Real Problem

Ask questions and investigate possible outcomes. Try the state / restate technique by restating a question in different ways and from different angles.

7. Keep Track of Your Ideas Chronologically

Take your time to put your ideas down on paper.

8. Learn a New Language or Some Other New Skill

Learning a new skill builds confidence and can provide an edge over your competition in this global economy.

9. Articulate Your Ideas and Reach Out to Others for Feedback

Innovative ideas solve an unmet need in the market. It is not only sufficient to have an innovative idea. It is equally important to execute on the idea and convert it into a tangible product or service. It is important to early develop prototypes and test these out with colleagues, customers and co-workers.

10. Stay Always Curious and Experiment with Your Ideas

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