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Think that you don’t need to worry about osteoporosis until you get older? Think again! While mainly viewed as a post-menopausal condition, osteoporosis is something to be concerned about as early as possible.

What Is Osteoporosis?
There may be no greater “hot topic” when thinking about women’s health care than osteoporosis. Clinically, it is a condition where there is less bone density than expected at a given age. This loss of bone mass is indicative of a higher risk of bone fracture.

Unlike iron anemia or adult acne, osteoporosis gets a lot of mainstream attention from the public and the media. While an adept marketing tool, the infamous “Got Milk?” ads are not only trying to boost dairy sales, but inadvertently prevent calcium deficiency. Many celebrities lend their support and image to the cause by educating the commoner on the need for calcium supplements.

One study estimates that 80% of those affected with osteoporosis are women. And while this is a staggering figure, it also reveals a little known fact and looming danger. One myth associated with the disease, much like the myth of the yeast infection, is that it’s a woman’s disease. Men are at risk of porous bone conditions and osteoporosis as well.

The term “osteoporosis” is generally ascribed to bone loss, but is also employed to describe existing fractures in bones with low density. A bone test scan should be able to gauge your density levels. The main test zones are the spine and wrist, both high fracture areas of a woman’s body.

Osteoporosis Treatments

Have you had a low bone density diagnosis? It’s not the end of the world. You can still prevent osteoporosis from setting in.

Explore Your Osteoporosis Treatment Options!
Physical therapy can be integral in combating the debilitating effects of bone loss. Exercise comes with many benefits. Increased physical activity will bolster muscle strength, improve posture and preserve the existing bone density. Another unforeseen benefit of physical therapy is the pelvic muscle toning movements that consequently combat urinary incontinence.

Although there is no foolproof cure for osteoporosis, there are steps you can take to improve the quality of your life. There are many FDA approved hormone replacement and estrogen receptor modulators that aim to treat osteoporosis. Don’t overlook any courses of treatment available to you.

It cannot be ignored that calcium is your best weapon in the fight against osteoporosis. Many antacids have addressed the need for more calcium by infusing their tablets with calcium doses. Alternative forms of calcium can be obtained in products like BioCalth, which boasts the slowing down of bone and collagen depletion. Investigate all the formulas out there. With a little footwork, you will find the osteoporosis treatment that best suits you.

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